Living God's Love in the World

St. John’s is an inclusive Christian community, a vibrant urban church with an unbreakable commitment to transform its mission and vision and values, its dreams and its hopes of a world filled with God’s love, into realities.

We believe that when the Bible says, “for God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son,” those words really speak of the whole world. Of everyone. Regardless of your age, gender, race, socioeconomic status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other characteristic, we invite you to be a part of our community.

St. John’s members understand that diversity is about inclusiveness and tolerance and giving all people an opportunity for spiritual growth; about helping to build a bridge across the abyss of our differences that has too long separated us; about recognizing all of our cultural backgrounds and all of our ideas and experiences so that we, as children of God, can better serve our neighbors wherever there is a need.

We hope that you’ll join us because diversity makes each of us stronger, as together we learn more about living God’s love in the world and doing God’s work with grace, in trust, by faith, through action.


In 2017, St. John's is celebrating 150 years! To memorialize this important moment in our community, we embarked on an interview project called "Voices of St. John's."


The Lutheran faith recognizes two sacraments: baptism and holy communion. St. John's  celebrates both of these sacraments.


Through baptism, we witness the joy of new life within the church, trusting that God is genuinely present. In baptism, we are cleansed by water and with the word of God that promises grace and forgiveness.

Want your child to be baptized at St. John's? Looking to join the Lutheran faith?

Please contact us!


At St. John’s, all are welcome to come to the Lord’s table. We commune by intinction. You will be handed the bread and can dip it into the chalice. Both wine and grape juice are available. The gifts of God are free.

Looking for your child to make his or her First Communion? Please reach out!



Pastor Frank Espegren

Senior Pastor

Director of Missional Strategy

Pastor Jon Haug

Associate Pastor

Director of Congregational Life


Cindy Carroll

Parish Nurse

Ryan Enright


Steven Johnson

Director of Worship & Music

Kevin Lamb

Office Coordinator

Katherine LaTurneau


Ama Marcelos

Interim Worship & Music Program Coordinator

Andrew Mize

A/V Technician

Barry Moenter

Assistant Organist

Jason Pettit

Children's & Youth Choir Coordinator

Steve Russell

Property Manager

Sarah Jessop Street

Youth & Family Ministry Coordinator

Susan (Suzi) Taylor

Parish Nurse

Rebekah Turnbaugh

Community Organizer

Diane White

Executive Director of Administration



20/30 Young Adult Group - TBD

Advent Festival - Sarah Jessop Street

Altar Guild - Karen Harris

Archives - Bea Favre

Art Festival - artfestival@stjohnslc.org

Assisting Ministers - TBD

Adult Education/Bible Study - TBD

Bulletins/Mailings - Phyllis Fiedler

Cantors - Ama Marcelos

Celebration Singers - Ama Marcelos

Central Downtown Food Basket - Tim Baumbach

Children's & Youth Choir - Jason Pettit

Christmas Pageant - Sarah Jessop Street

Church Council - Pastor Frank Espegren

Community Meals - Rebekah Turnbaugh

Concert Series - Ama Marcelos

Confirmation - Sarah Jessop Street

Craft Night - Pam Debnekoff

Dinner Groups - Pastor Jon Haug

Day of Service - Rebekah Turnbaugh

Eucharistic Ministers - Parish Nurses

Eucharistic Servers - Ama Marcelos

Evangelism - TBD

Family Promise - Verne Gore

Finance Committee - Michael Brassil

Greeters - Rhonda Holmen

Habitat for Humanity - Rebekah Turnbaugh

Handbell Choir - Rick Maness

Hospitality Committtee - Betty Miller

Lectors - Greg VanAcker

Library Committee - Phyllis Ehlert

LLL Book Club - Donna Shadle

Luminaria - luminaria@stjohnslc.org

Media/Publications - publications@stjohnslc.org

Nominating Committee - Michele Beckwith

Office/Reception Volunteers - Kevin Lamb

Oktoberfest - Scott Mohler

Order of St. John - Don Dean

Personnel Committee - Ann Boynton-Brown

The Pilgrimage - Steve Ruder

Property Committee - Dan Maloney

PUB-lic Theology - Ron & Sue Dwyer-Voss

Rwanda Connection - Libby Bullock

Saint John's Program for Real Change - Sarah Jessop Street

Sanctuary Choir - Steven Johnson

Santa Lucia Festival - Mary Wiberg & Rhonda Holmen

Sewing & Quilting Group - TBD

Small Groups - Pastor Jon Haug

Social Ministry - Amy Chance

Stephen Ministry - Tom & Candace Cox, Chuck Wolk

Stewardship Committee - Nancy Bukowski

Sunday School - Sarah Jessop Street

Ushers - Bill Sailer

Vacation Bible School - Sarah Jessop StreetMary Ann Hanner

WELCA - Bonnie Grotheer

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