Adult Programs

St. John's ministry programs cover everything from weekly Bible study to social groups for young adults. Review our different ministries below and see what interests you. New members are always welcome to join any ministry program at any point in the year.



If you are interested in knowing more about St. John’s and this community of faith, joining Luminaria is the right choice for you.
Luminaria is our entry program into St. John’s. It is how someone becomes a “member.” This involves so much more than a brief course on Reformation history, discovering where the bathrooms are and giving newcomers offering envelopes. Luminaria is a journey that intentionally seeks to open one’s mind and heart into the life of faith as people make their way into our congregation.
We believe it is how the church is supposed to be there for those new to the faith, or new to St. John’s. Members of Luminaria are called lumens and are accompanied by companions on their journey through the program. There are also several leaders that guide the journey and offer extra support.

If you are interested in learning more about St. John’s and this community of faith, find out more about Luminaria – the light of Christ that shines brightly in our midst.

Our Programs

Small Groups

Our small groups are short-term groups focused on the deepening faith, understanding and knowledge around a common book, Bible study or neighborhood community with the intention of building relationships and fellowship.