Now Accepting Applications!
Two St. John’s Scholarships of $3,000.00 each
DEADLINE May 7, 2021

1. Be prepared to get your high school or college transcripts with your GPA. If in high school, transcripts must reflect your class percentile ranking.

2. Start drafting a typed, one-page double spaced essay describing your church activities and how “Living God’s Love in the World” plays a role in your life and in pursuit of your professional goals.

3. Start drafting a typed, one-page double spaced essay describing your interests, school activities and community service involvement.

4. Start drafting a one-page double spaced essay demonstrating your need for financial assistance and how
you plan to use the funds. This should involve a family discussion. All applications are confidential and destroyed once the review process is complete.

5. Get agreement from a teacher of yours willing to write a letter of recommendation. Get agreement from a pastor, church leader (clergy or lay) or other congregational member who will write a letter of recommendation for you.

Get a head start as time is short and you are busy!

Send your completed application to:
St. John’s Lutheran Church 
1701 L Street 
Sacramento, California 95811 
Attn: Scholarship Committee 




Each year St John’s awards scholarships to deserving students who apply and then are chosen by the Scholarship Committee. In addition there is an annual award that has a small honorarium and gift, which is nominated by members, the Morgan Award:

The William and Donna Morgan Award

Named for William (1928-2009) and Donna (1932-2010) Morgan, long-time members of St. John’s Lutheran Church. During his career as an educator, Bill served as principal of McClatchy High School and devoted himself to the education of Sacramento’s young people. He and Donna supported the Scholarship Fund from its infancy, and Bill served as the Scholarship Committee’s chair for many years. The William and Donna Morgan Award will be presented in their memory to graduating high school seniors as chosen by the Scholarship Committee.

These awards will be:

• Presented to two of St. John’s Lutheran church’s graduating high school seniors.
• Nominated by members of St. John’s Lutheran Church and selected by members of the Scholarship Committee.
• Based on community service both within St. John’s and in the community and the individual’s commitment to St. John’s mission of Living God’s Love in the World.
• Awarded a gift (blanket, bible, etc.) and a small honorarium ($100).

If you know of an outstanding St. John's senior in high school, please submit any nominations for the 2021 Morgan Awards to Pastor Jon Haug or Chris Dawson by May 7th . Thank you!