Exploring Our Values

Values identify who we are and what is most important to us; they can be both descriptive (what kind of church are we) as well as aspirational (what kind of church we hope to be).

As part of the recently launched Strategic Planning process, a small group has been tasked with reexamining the Mission, Vision, and Values of our church. We believe this process should begin with a careful examination of our core Values and work its way up from there. This must be a deliberate and inclusive process of close listening to be truly reflective of our congregation as a whole.

To that end, a number of events have been planned to help us explore our Values through three different lenses: historical, biblical, and personal.

All three events will immediately follow the 11:30 service in Oehler and will include a light lunch provided by the Hospitality Committee. Childcare will also be provided to ensure all who want to participate are able. Members of all ages are welcome and encouraged to come and share in this journey!

September 29th: Our History

Pastor Frank will guide us as we explore the History of St. John’s, looking back at what has made us unique, what has guided our decisions over the years, and what has come out of the work we’ve done.

October 27th: Our Biblical Narrative

Pastor Amy will help us explore the biblical stories and narratives that we identify with St. John’s and help to shape our work.

November 17th: Our Stories

Lastly, Pastor Jon will help us, as congregants, tell our own stories of St. John’s: how we came to this church and what it means to us today.

Come and help us discover what we value as a church and what sets us apart! Your voice is a vital contribution to this foundational work.

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We are attentive to God's word, prayerfully discerning God's will to do God's work with grace, in trust, by faith, through action.

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