Gift to the Christ Child

Did you know that this year's Advent Gift for the Christ Child is going to Family Promise of Sacramento? We hope you will consider giving to support this wonderful organization:

. To help illustrate the importance of their work, here is a story about Neco and his family, who are recent graduates of Family Promise.

As with all fathers, Neco’s life changed when he became a parent. He decided to change the direction of his life. He secured a good job with Sutter Health, he bought some land in Clearlake, purchased a nice car for his growing family, his family was doing well. That all changed when one night while on his way to pick up his wife. He was approached by a man trying to steal his car. When Neco did not give up his car and tried to leave, he was shot many times in his back, legs, and arms. After several surgeries he was left disabled and on heavy pain medications. Unable to work, he lost his car, his home. His family ended up living in their car in Sacramento.

“I just didn’t know where to turn,” he recalls. “I saw no way to get back on my feet. To get a job and find housing. Just when I thought there was NO light at the end of the tunnel, I got a call from Family Promise to come in for an interview.”

Family Promise put us up in a motel, gave us food cards, transportation, helped me with budgeting and saving my money. He was able to save well over the 70% required by the program. His family started volunteering at his dad’s church, handing out food every week to the homeless. He secured a job while in the program that he was able to do at home.

“Family Promise gave us exactly what my family needed,” he remarks. “It’s been a lot of hard work, but I want people to know that no matter what you face, there is help for you. Family Promise will always be part of my family’s life.” Neco will be volunteering delivering Thanksgiving meals and Christmas gifts to past guests of Family Promise this holiday season. “Family Promise has been a guide to my life.”

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