St. John's is active in the Sacramento community at large and strives to help those in need both locally and in the world. We partner with organizations that work to help those most vulnerable, and we also volunteer with various community groups.


Altar Guild

The Altar Guild prepares communion and altar related materials for all services. This includes setting the Lord's table with the communion elements and appropriate linens and refilling the altar candles with oil before the early service and refreshed after the last service.
After the last service, communion elements are washed and put away. Two members are assigned to each service.



Greeters provide the first welcome to

St. John's on Sunday mornings. Greeters are stationed outside at the front and the back (parking lot) of the church to provide a welcome and offer directions to the elevator, etc., if requested. Greeters are welcome to come into

worship as soon as the bells ring.



Ushers, along with greeters, are the face of St. John's on Sunday mornings and can provide a host of information and resources. The chief responsibilities of Ushers are to provide a warm greeting to worshipers as they arrive and to provide them with a service bulletin. During the service, ushers will assist with communion by guiding rows to the communion
stations. They will provide a head count of attendance, and bring all offerings to the church office safe after each service.



Music is integral to Lutheran worship and finds expression through the liturgy. Those with musical gifts can serve as members of the choir, handbell choir, vocalists (cantor) or instrumentalists during our worship services. They will work in coordination with the Director of
Music & Worship and with the Associate Director of Virtual Worship & Music.


Coffee & Cookie Hour Hosts

The Cookie and Coffee Hour hosts assist in preparing coffee and cookies and setting the space for in between services. A much-missed part of our services, the Coffee and Cookie Hour allow for socialization with our siblings in Christ over a warm drink and sweet treats. Those serving as hosts will work closely with our property staff to facilitate that time together as a community.


Eucharistic Servers

Eucharistic Servers assist the Presider and the Assisting Minister in the sharing of the bread, wine and grape juice during Holy Communion. They are one of the first to receive communion and then are handed a chalice to serve the communion. At the end of serving, the Eucharistic server hands the chalice back to the Presider/Assisting Minister/Acolyte

and returns to their seat.



Scripture itself tells us that God’s Word is living and active. The lector serves an
important role to God and the Church as one who reads the Scripture lessons during the worship service. The lector receives the reading earlier in the week and should study and practice it prior to Sunday morning. The lector will read 

1 – 3 lessons depending on the Sunday

and readings.


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