Youth Programs

Youth and Family Ministries is part of Congregational Life at St. John's. It provides programs and events for families at every stage - nursery care and Sunday School classes, First Communion, Confirmation, youth group and family trips. This area of our ministries also focuses on small groups for different neighborhoods and interest groups.

Children (PK - 6th grade)

Sunday School

Sunday School begins in September and runs through May at 9:45am - 10:45am. Classes are organized by age and are taught by volunteer teachers. Children also participate in music and art classes as part of Sunday School.

We observe Covid-safe rules by wearing masks and hosting classes outside. 


Children's & Youth Choirs

St. John’s children’s music program is fully integrated into the Christian education program. All children can participate in music in small groups determined by age. They learn music from a wide range of sources, including the music of the liturgy and familiar hymns sung in worship.

Vacation Bible School

Traditionally held during the school summer break, this fun-filled week offers children a chance to learn more about God! Volunteers are needed for set up, teaching, and clean up. 

Youth (7th - 12th grades)

The purpose of St. John’s confirmation program is to enable young people to grow in their Christian faith as they journey toward a time when they can say “yes” to God, who adopted them in the waters of baptism; say “yes” to Jesus, who died on the cross for their salvation; say “yes” to the Holy Spirit, who guides them in their life and say “yes” to the life and mission of the church.

We are hosting classes upstairs in the Gathering Place. We observe Covid-safe rules by wearing masks. 

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The Order of St. John

Teenagers are invited to use their gifts and talents to serve at the altar of God by serving in the Order of St. John. They ring the bells, light the candles, lead processions, assist with communion, present the banners, hold altar books, lead the children to music practice and perform countless other tasks to assist the pastors each Sunday. The Order of St. John is organized into teams. Working closely with each acolyte team is a mentor an adult who serves as the team’s trainer and is the liaison with the pastors on Sundays.


Pastor Jon Haug

"As a father of two young kids, I get the challenges and joys of parenting today. I want my children to grow up knowing that God loves them for who they are, as they are, and that Jesus loved them all the way to the cross. I strive to have a youth and family program that teaches that and meets parents and youth where they are in their walks of faith. So join us for Sunday school each week at 10:15 am; put your 2nd grader into a 1st Communion class; have your 7th or 8th grader join our special education and Confirmation class, or have your teen join in our youth group. And as a parent, get coffee with me or another parent to share the joys and burdens of this particular chapter of life. We are here for you whether you are a single parent home or a two parent home, whether you are grandparents raising kids or any other of the multifaceted ways that we raise young people today.  And if you are a youth struggling with your faith and life, you will find a home here with other struggling honest teens trying to live God's love in the world the best we can. Can't wait to see you here!"