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Image of Youth to Celebrate Confirmation
Spokesman Article Sierra Ronning, Youth Ministry Coordinator

Youth to Celebrate Confirmation

St. John’s confirmands celebrate and affirm their baptism on May 1. Adam Montiel, Aiden Burns, Annika Remme, Lisi Long and Matthew Bradley have worked hard in our confirmation classes. 

These youth spent two years digging into and learning about the Bible, Lutheranism, and their own personal faith. We laughed and shared stories about classes, camps, and the friendships they made along the way. 

Image of A Personal Update from Pastor Frank
Special Announcement

A Personal Update from Pastor Frank
April 22, 2016

Dear St. John’s Members & Friends,

It is my turn to share news with you that many of you have shared with me over the years. I have cancer – prostate cancer to be specific. I am sorry to have to share this news in writing, but it is the only way I know of to let all of you know at the same time.

Image of Mother’s Day
Spokesman Article Cindy Carroll, Congregational Care Coordinator & Faith Community Nurse

Mother’s Day
Love Not Biology

Mothering is not for the faint of heart, and we have real warriors in our midst. Being a mother is much more than biology. The Free Dictionary’s definition accurately acknowledges the wide continuum of mothering:  a woman who gives birth to a child and loves unconditionally; a woman who adopts a child; a woman who raises a child; a woman who puts her child before herself; a title for a woman respected for her wisdom and age.