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Spokesman Article Lyla Hanson, Church Member

A Sojourn to San Francisco

One of the most delightful and visually stimulating museum experiences available in California is the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco’s historic Presidio. 

Chronologically arranged, the museum galleries recount the life, career and works of Walt Disney. Visitors are treated to the amazing development of the now world-wide animation industry, which has touched the lives of everyone through the years.

The Sojourners invite you to join us as we visit this fascinating, cinema-based exhibit on Monday, August 22. 

Spokesman Article Rev. Jon Haug, Associate Pastor & Director of Congregational Life

Escaping with Jesus
A Reflection on a Week at Shalom Camp

Three hours after leaving St. John’s, we enter Mt. Cross Lutheran Camp and are greeted by singing, clapping counselors at the rickety old bridge entryway. How long have they been waiting here? I feel a bit embarrassed by the cheesiness of their greeting, yet admire their commitment. 

Young adult counselors repeatedly ask, “Can I help you with your bags?” It reminds me of the extra mile hospitality of Disneyland, but this is no Disneyland.

Spokesman Article Steven Johnson, Director of Worship & Music

A Supper of Sufficiency

In light of St. John’s upcoming 150th Anniversary and the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther’s Reformation, the time is perfect for our congregation to take a stand for the next 500 years! Long-term planning is essential for success!