8:00 am
Contemplative Worship

9:00 am
Traditional Worship

10:15 am
Coffee & Education Hour

11:30 am
Contemporary Worship



12:15 pm
Healing Prayer & Communion


Other Info


The entrance to the St. John’s parking garage is on K Street between 17th & 18th Streets. You can park there for free for our Christmas services and on Sunday mornings.



What is the ELCA?

The ELCA – or Evangelical Lutheran Church in America – is the national religious body to which St. John’s belongs. Visit the ELCA website for more information about this affiliation of Lutherans in the USA.


What do Lutherans believe?

Lutherans believe in the Triune God who is loving, forgiving, and nurturing. We believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who died to free us from our sins. And we believe in the Holy Spirit who is active in our lives bringing inspiration and transformation to each of us. For more about what Lutherans believe, take a look at the Statements of Belief of the ELCA.


Is Communion open to everyone?

Yes. We believe that the gifts of God are free. We commune by intinction most of the time. You will be handed bread and will dip it into the cup. The red liquid is wine; the clear liquid is grape juice. To read more about the Sacrament of Communion, visit our Baptism & Holy Communion page.


Image of Vine to Chalice

Vine to Chalice
Sac Bee Article

by Laura-Lynne Powell, member of St. John’s

“While Sacramento brands itself as the center of the farm-to-fork movement, parishioners at the midtown church I attend have similarly reconnected to the agricultural roots of the center of our worship and communal life, the sacramental wine.”

Image of Sunday School Kick-Off
Spokesman Article

Sunday School Kick-Off

We invite kids of all ages to join us on Sunday, September 14 for our official Fall 2014 Sunday School Kick-Off! The classrooms are empty and waiting to be filled with children, teachers, and parents.

Image of 2014 Congregational Profile

2014 Congregational Profile

You can view the interactive version of the profile below, or download the printable PDF.