Congregational Care at St. John's is led by our Parish Nurses and the Director of Congregational Life. Any member of St. John's can utilize our Congregational Care resources. The aim of Congregational Care is to make sure that every aspect of our members' lives is taken care of and looked after. St. John's is a community that goes beyond Sunday worship. Through Congregational Care we provide the care and time that every member needs.

Parish Nurses

Parish nursing, or the newer term "faith community nursing" has a long and successful history in its connection to the health and well-being of members in communities of faith. Our nurses share a half-time position as part of the pastoral staff at St. John’s. They coordinate Congregational Care and work with the pastors and lay leaders to help St. John’s be a place where health, healing, and wholeness are valued.

The nurses update the prayer list weekly, which helps prioritize visits and other ways the Congregational Care Team reaches out to our members. In their professional nursing role, they provide emotional and spiritual support, are available to members making health care decisions, actively listen to health concerns, make referrals to congregational and community resources, and act as a health resource to our members. This ministry has a significant impact behind the scenes on the overall wellness within our community of faith.

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry is a confidential listening ministry that has been a part of Congregational Care at St. John’s since 2008. Our Stephen Ministers are trained to provide one-to-one Christian listening for people experiencing life transitions such as illness, grief or loss, family challenges, aging or other life concerns.

Eucharistic Ministers

The practice of carrying communion to the sick and homebound has been encouraged in the Lutheran tradition since 1978. St. John’s Eucharistic Ministers receive training so that they may serve those who are absent from worship.


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