When we commit to the mission and vision of St. John's Lutheran Church and are guided in our work by our core values, we become Live Stones, God's building materials.


We are St. John's Lutheran Church, a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and part of the Sierra Pacific Synod. As Lutherans, our faith is built around a strong belief in God made known to us in Jesus Christ. We practice our faith through worship, service and education. And we embrace the mission of the ELCA: "God's Work. Our Hands."

We will continue to be a church with a commitment to benevolence at home and abroad, courageous and resourceful and involved, with a dedicated staff and lay leaders and diverse talents among our volunteers.

We will always be a church where healing is high on the agenda and reconciliation can be found; a place where actions on behalf of the homeless and the hungry are priorities, and where we are involved in solutions; a church where poverty, the violation of human rights, and domestic abuse will be confronted.


We understand that growing as disciples of Jesus Christ and helping all in their walk of faith is a team effort; that sharing the Good News and being an inviting, welcoming, gracious community of faith is integral to our health and vitality.

We will maintain a team supportive to one another - staff, lay leaders and members - setting aside any personal issue that would interfere with this goal.

We will create a transparent communication system, fully recognizing and respecting the needs of the multiple generations represented in our congregation.
Through the dedicated work of our nurses and our ever-growing corps of Stephen Ministers, we will faithfully care for the well-being of members in body and mind. As an authentic congregation in Christ, we will hold each other accountable for speech and actions that foster respect, patience and kindness for all.

We will affirm that the partnership between the paid and unpaid servants among us is based on a united, dedicated and devoted commitment to our shared vision.
We also believe that an abundance of laughter and humility should mark our life together.


We exist for God's purposes for the world, not for ourselves, and believe that, with God, all things are possible. We are a congregation willing to take risks to fulfill God's mission and vision for us. All our efforts will be marked with hospitality and compassion and care.

We will grow our average weekly worship attendance and our active membership every year, responding as a priesthood of believers to the growing and changing population in our community.
We believe we are called to love our neighbors as ourselves, and that everyone is welcome to share God's table, that openness and affirmation is a covenant we hold dearly.


Our worship, which is the centerpiece of our life as a congregation, shapes and grounds our identity and calling and shall always receive our highest attention.

We will be intentional in our spiritual growth, a church where God's people of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds can connect their faith and their gifts in common communion with each other.
We will continue a variety of worship services and strengthen our evangelism outreach in the community. We will add to our rich musical history, build our musical depth and reman a leader in liturgical music.


We believe that God is in the change business, and we celebrate change, growth and transformation. We do not fear change, but we always ask how it will help us to better accomplish our vision and how we can grow individually and collectively in a changing congregation.

We will direct the ideas of change into the realities of service in our congregation and in our community, but never allow the conflicts of change to paralyze our actions.
We will work to ensure that as we go through whatever change lies ahead, we will not lose the vitality and enthusiasm and spirit we are experiencing at St. John's.


Our congregation is a movement in Christ whose mission and ministry are shared and owned by everyone. The accountability and responsibility for the success of that mission lie with us all.

We will always endeavor to be a joyful, creative and fun-filled place, maintaining a willingness to try new things and new ways to do old things; and we will celebrate our successes and learn from our failures.
We will continue to recruit a core of new leaders to join the current leadership in an environment of imagination and excitement and accomplishment.
We will diligently search for the ways and means to provide ongoing training for our lay and staff leaders.